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Forget the Lines
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      Forget the Lines

      FORGET THE LINES – Fun & Easy Biblical Plays

      During 25+ years of children’s ministry, Teresa found that the main deterrent to using drama in a weekly children's or youth program was the preparation time required. Not wanting to miss out on using this powerful, interactive tool, she created these plays that require almost no preparation time or memorization. These plays have been successfully performed with actors as young as three or well into their senior years.

      Teresa's books are available on Amazon worldwide. Limited signed copies are available here, from time to time. (Cover may be different than that shown in the pictures.)

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      Excerpt from "DAVID PREPARES" (one of the seven plays included):

      Narrator: After David was chosen and anointed as Israel’s next king he stayed with his father and tended sheep. One day a lion tried to steal one of his sheep, but David struck the lion with his staff.

      (A lion grabs a sheep and runs away with it. David chases after the lion. Three staff members follow David, reading from steno pads)

      Staff #1: David, son of Jesse, you have a 10 o’clock with Ramone to have your hair done. Do you still want the color, as well as the perm? I hear red is all the rage.

      Staff #2: David, son of Jesse, your meeting with the Tie-dye Wool Company is off. The president fell into a vat of violet dye this morning and is having a purple-iptik fit.

      Staff #3: David, son of Jesse, I'm sorry to say that your Sling-O-Matic stock has dropped like a stone, but there is good news. Old Noah has decided to open the door on your flood insurance idea.

      Lion: Wow, I’m really struck with your staff! (This line must be delivered verbatim or the comedy doesn’t work.)

      David: Thank you. They’re very loyal…

      Narrator:(clears throat loudly) David! I meant this (holds out cane) staff.

      David: (takes staff and hits lion on the head with it, killing him)

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